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    of a touri▓st finger.From the door, on which every eye▓ was fixed, emerged the blatant f●igure of a pompous pork-packer, or ▓the half-baked offspring of a self-●made

ancestry.With a wild how●l the mob rose en masse and s▓urged forw

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ard, threatening to break▓ my ribs against the foot of the piazza.If th▓e pork packer scowled, the thron●g fell back like a receding tide.If▓ the half-baked offspring rai▓sed an eyebrow, the multitude swept on●, tossing me

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far up the steps into the arms of● “buttons,” on guard agains●t the besiegers below. He ●was a coarse-grained cockney, this “but▓tons,” and, in carrying out his orders to repe▓l boarders, he was neither a respect▓e

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r of persons nor of his mother ●tongue.A score of times I was● pushed down the steps I had not● chosen to ascend, with a violence and profanity▓ out of all keeping with racial brotherhood.● An abandoned mosque outside th

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    April 20, 2013


    e walls o▓f Cairo, and a caravan off for Suez acr●oss the desert 205But every dog● has his day.A sallow youth iss●ued from the hotel and called for a man t

    ervices It was to
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    April 20, 2013


    o carry● a letter.“Buttons” was already● raising a hand to point out a pock-marked▓ Arab who had departed on four c▓ommissions since my arrival, when the ti

    a pict▓uresque fi
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    April 20, 2013


    dal w●ave of humanity set me on the piazza.I shout●ed to the sallow youth just as “buttons” f●ell upon me.The youth nodded.It▓ was a long-sought opportunity

    gure, don’t you k
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    April 20, 2013


    .I reversed rl●es with the cockney and landed him i●n a picturesque spread-eagle on the hea●ds of the backsheesh-seeking multitu●de.Had he not been wont to us

    now, ●whose Engli
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